Time and Attendance


What are the benefits to my school?

Save Time

• Eliminates tedious and time-consuming paperwork associated with manual or semi-manual roll
call systems
• Removes the responsibility for recording attendance from teaching and administration staff
• Saves time and reduces effort with quick access to absence and punctuality lists each morning
and afternoon
• Eliminates class disruption associated with manual roll calls.
• Class Roll Calls allow for the tracking of attendance per subject. Especially suited to college’s
providing PLC courses.

Increase accuracy

• Accurately monitors attendance, absenteeism and punctuality in a fast efficient way
• More time to follow up on absenteeism
• Allows for a “Spot Check” on the readers to ensure that each student is scanning using his or her
card only.

Monitor Student Performance

• Analysis of data for the identification of attendance trends on an individual or class basis
• Anseo Time & Attendance will flag and notify staff of students who have ongoing issues with non
attendance or punctuality allowing you to concentrate your efforts on those most in need.

Improve communication with parents

Keep parents up to date instantly with their child’s record or school events through text messaging and
email. Huge time and cost savings available.

Health & Safety

Track students as they enter or leave the school during the school day. Whether they leave on a school
activity or medical appointment Anseo Time & Attendance will instantly show:
• Who is in the school at any time
• Who has left the school
• Full audit trail of students entering or exiting the building