Time and Attendance


Practical Reports for Education

Today’s Morning Absent

This report can be organised by class or by year. This sample prints a page per year in the school with a summary page at the end.  This report can be printed at 9.05am, giving you a list of all students who are absent this morning.  This can also be printed for the afternoon.

Return from Absence

Lists students who have swiped in after a period of absence. In practical terms this report lists students who should be providing a note from their parent giving a reason for their absence.

Detailed Student Attendance

Can be printed for the whole school which gives a page per student or for groups or individuals. This report provides a detailed picture of a student’s attendance performance for a period of your liking. This is often sent home to parents at the end of term.

· Late Records – highlighted by an asterisk *.
· Half Days Absence
· Full Days Absence
· Reasons for Absence provided by parents
A summary at the end.

Top 30 Highest Attendance

There is a host of analytical reports showing trends for individuals and groups within the school. This report lists the 30 highest attending students for a specified time period. The range of the report (30) can be customised by you to list the information you require.

Other Reports Include:
Top 30 Absence or Late Reports
Absent > N or Late > N (where N is the number of days\times. Useful for visiting EWO (Education Welfare Officers) or filtering information for NEWB (Absent > 20 days)

Class Roll Call

This shows attendance levels based on classes or subjects attended.

School Analysis

These management reports identify various trends which will highlight areas for school improvement and contribute to school reviews (e.g. WSE and Deis Scheme).

  • Absence Levels by Class
  • Absence Levels by Gender
  • Absence Levels by Day of the Week
  • Absence Levels by Year