About Us


About our Company

Ivertec is now the leading Irish developer of information management software and # to all levels of the education sector. Since 2000 the company has, through established partnerships with various educational institutions compiled a wide ranging portfolio of administration and attendance information systems.

Why choose "Ivertec" for your school?

In 2000, a new school in Kerry approached the company to develop an system to allow the school to collect and monitor attendance in the school. Joe Hayes was recruited at the time as a software developer to design and produce this system. After significant interest was shown in the system, Ivertec decided to develop the Anseo system as an off the shelf attendance management system for secondary schools. It was launched in 2001.

Who are we?

Ivertec Ltd. ia leading provider of management information system for the education sector in Ireland

Our Mission

To design and develop innovative systems to integrate all school and student information and present usable analytical tools to aid management in formulating strategies for school and individual student improvement.

Our Progress

The Anseo suite of products has been in use in schools and colleges since 2000. Originally designed to meet the requirements of the Education Welfare Act, Anseo has evolved to fulfill the practical everyday demands of the modern school information ecology

Our Promise

Ivertec aim to provide the very best in after sales service to ensure that our products continue to be of benefit long in to the future.