College of Further Education Dundrum

time and attendance


PLC Student Attendance


Since 2010 the college has used Anseo Time and Attendance to track students as they enter the college as well as attendance in class. The college has the facility to report on the amount of time in class and percentage number of classes attended.

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Print & Copy Integration

In 2011 the college integrated the use of the student identification card with managed print and copy solutions throughout the college. The aim of this was to reduce the cost of this service while keeping it easy to use. Ivertec worked with the college's print and copy supplier to achieve this fully integrated and efficent solution.

"The Ivertec Anseo Time & Attendance for PLC product has been invaluable for the management of student attendance, allowing the College to address issues of participation and retention at an early stage.

The reporting and tracking facilities available are excellent, and are utilised by management and teaching teams on a daily basis. The change from the paper based attendance system has had great benefits, such as statistical reporting from a management point of view to the optics and attractiveness of the student ID attendance management system on the part of our student body.

Ivertec’s follow up support is very impressive, with any issues or support needs that do arise dealt with promptly. The experience has been so beneficial that we now integrate Ivertec student ID system into many of our student #, such as our managed printer-copier system. I would have no hesitation in recommending the product to other FE centres"

Michael Foley - Deputy Principal